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Bitcoin Revolution uses fake news from Amancio Ortega again to scam

Key facts:

According to false news, Ortega would have invested more than 100 million euros.

This same modality was applied in 2018 with the image of Ortega.

The image of the Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega is being used again to promote a scam known as Bitcoin Revolution. The scammers have revived a campaign in which they present false news according to which the creator of clothing brands such as Bershka or Pull & Bear, would have invested millions of dollars in that project.

According to a Spanish media, the fake news that links the billionaire in the textile industry with these investments they were re-released as true recently. This resurgence coincides with the bull run that bitcoin is currently experiencing, approaching its all-time high in price.

As the source shows through screenshots, the publications have been made through websites posing as those of recognized media, like the American chain CNN and El Mundo, from Spain.

According to the alleged reports, Ortega would have invested about 100 million euros in Bitcoin Revolution. This alleged automated trading project has already applied this method with Ortega himself, as reported by CriptoNoticias in December 2018.

The deception attempt has not only been based on Ortega’s alleged investment. According to one of the false reports, the businessman would have developed new bitcoin generation software. It is his gift to the Spanish. Of course, the gift requires an investment of 250 euros.

Ortega is one of the most recognized businessmen in all of Spain. He is the creator of Inditex, the largest textile group in the world, which has been listed on the stock market since 2001. Inditex includes brands such as Zara, Stradivarius and Massimo Dutti, in addition to those mentioned above.

Bitcoin Revolution has used the image of dozens of celebrities

A report published in CriptoNoticias in June 2019 gives an account of how Bitcoin Revolution presented itself to the world. According to its website, it was a trading bot that offered earnings of up to $ 1,300 a day.

The case of Amancio Ortega stands out now for its resurgence on stage. But the truth is that Bitcoin Revolution – and similar schemes with other names – have been dedicated to use the image of personalities and entrepreneurs in the world to try to capture unsuspecting investors.

Also in Spain the image of the comedian Pablo Motos Burgos has been used, while in Latin America there are several people who have been supplanted for this purpose.

As reported in this newspaper, among the affected personalities are the Colombian president, Iván Duque, and the businessman Luis Carlos Sarmiento; Carlos Slim, known as the richest person in Mexico; or the Peruvian actress and presenter Wendy Ramos.

In this medium it has been reported that in the face of a significant bull run, attacks and fraud attempts associated with bitcoin proliferate. Therefore, it is important to verify the origin of the information read on the internet. and doubt offers that seem too attractive and with very high returns in a short time. Most likely, behind these seemingly irrefutable opportunities, a scam is hiding.


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