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Dash price analysis: is now a good time to buy this cryptocurrency?

The price of Dash DASH/USD has been moving in a downtrend last several weeks, and for now, there is no signal of the negative trend reversal. The cryptocurrency market remains under pressure, and if you decide to buy Dash this month, you should use a “stop-loss” order because the risk remains high.

Fundamental analysis: Dash has signed a partnership with African exchange Naijacrypto

Dash is a cryptocurrency that was released in early 2014, which gives you the freedom to move your money any way you want. Dash is connected with various payment programs, and the main characteristic of it is low fees and instant transactions.

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Based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, Dash solves two of Bitcoin’s biggest problems: the speed of transactions and the lack of privacy. Transactions with Dash are secure and visible to the entire network in under 1.5 seconds, while this cryptocurrency cannot be traced, and the coin’s history cannot be accessed.

Dash is used around the world as a practical alternative to cash and credit cards, and it has experienced tremendous growth in its user activity this year. Last month, Dash announced that it had signed a partnership with African exchange Naijacrypto to offer its cryptocurrency to citizens in Haiti.

“This is a huge opportunity for Haitians because they can now buy Dash with their national currency and participate in this great global economy of cryptocurrencies. Previously a Haitian had to trust someone abroad to buy Dash for them or buy it with a credit card, but credit cards are only accessible to a minority,” said Joseph Micarlo Emile, Community Leader at Dash Haiti.

It is also important to mention that Dash is not under the control of any single entity because it is an open protocol on which anyone can participate without requiring the permission of a central authority. According to its official website, Dash will soon introduce DashPay wallet app that will enable users to create usernames, contacts, and other key features.

Dash’s price has skyrocketed since January 2021 and reached levels above $470 on 7th May. Since then, the price has collapsed, daily trading volume has weakened, and the risk of further declines is probably not over.

Technical analysis: Bears remain in control of the price action

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Dash (DASH) currently trades around the $127 level, and it would be a strong sell signal if the price falls below $100 support. The next price target could be around $80 or even below; still, if the price jumps above $160, we have the open way to $180.


Dash can be sent or received by anyone, anywhere in the world at any time; transactions are secure and visible to the entire network in under 1.5 seconds. Dash has weakened from the recent highs above $470, registered in May 2021, and the risk of further decline still persists.

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