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Pinance Review – Is Pinance Scam or a Proper Exchange?

Pinance Review - Is Pinance Scam or a Proper Exchange?


Pinance Review

The digital world has continued to evolve, and this has been a gradual thing rather than happening all of a sudden. And the advancement of the digital world has also made multiple things easy for us. Since the market has shown progress and potential, many more businesses have joined, like Pinance. Don’t know what Pinance is? Well, read this Pinance review to find out more. Like I said, due to the general development of technology and the internet, many types of businesses have started, which has helped traders perform better.

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Due to the technological advancements, so many industries were able to transform for the better and evolve so that modern-day people would be accommodated. And one of the fields which got upgraded was trading as it became an online field. So you can also say that the financial industry has been majorly affected, whether it is positively, negatively, or both. When technology advanced, the financial sector went through so many changes, and with the help of the internet, most of it became digital. This was mainly done because the times are changing and people are shifting towards a digital world, so the financial sector was modified too to accommodate those people. And the one change which was very significant and became a breakthrough in the industry was the creation of cryptocurrencies. This is a digital currency established in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced Bitcoin in the market.

Traders usually have many questions regarding cryptocurrency, and even back then, when it was first introduced, people were confused since they did not know anything about it. But with time, people learned that this digital currency is truly the way to go. Since we are gradually shifting to a more digital world, there is no reason for us not to use digital currency, and that is why cryptocurrencies are very popular. Because they are considered the medium of transactions for the future, other factors make cryptocurrency very appealing to people, and that is its nature. The first is that cryptocurrencies are decentralized, and for those who are not familiar with this term, it means when an asset is not controlled or monitored by a central authority. Also, cryptocurrencies are naturally volatile, and this means that the rate of it or value constantly fluctuates, and you can never be certain of it. This feature used to make people hesitant to invest in it initially, but now traders have learned how to manage it.

But now we can see that Bitcoins and all the other cryptocurrencies have become very popular, and people have started to invest a lot of money into these assets. But the one problem a lot of traders face is that most of the platforms that help traders invest or trade these assets are not very safe or regulated. This has made it difficult for traders to feel comfortable while investing as they constantly worry about safety. And this is one of the things that many people worry about because when something is unregulated, it gives hackers or scammers easy access. You might not agree with the statement, but, indeed, unregulated companies or assets are always taken advantage of by cybercriminals.

This is why when you go into the cryptocurrency market, everyone is worried about hackers and scammers because the number of such incidents has increased so dramatically. These cybercriminals have also gotten smart over time as their strategies to steal money or information are always improved. Those who are not experienced are usually those who get targeted, such as traders who have just joined the market since they are not familiar with the way the market works. Scammers are also aware that reviews are unaware of the risks and do not know a lot about the needs that can or can’t be trusted, making sure to exploit newbies.

Since there are so many cases where traders get scammed while they are trading cryptocurrencies, you should be more aware and careful when you start trading. And the time when you will struggle the most is when you will be choosing a trading platform, and this is because many scammers pose as exchanges or brokers to trap customers and steal their money. For scammers, this is one of the best ways to get money out of traders, so be careful when choosing a trading platform. For those of you who want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you should look for a trustworthy and experienced scammer. There are so many exchanges in the market, and you can choose any of them, but one thing you should be careful about is if the company is legitimate or not.

There are many features that a crypto exchange should have so that it can be an ideal option for traders, but at the end of the day, you have to look for the platform which recognizes your individual needs and caters to those. One of the very few cryptocurrency exchanges which have always delivered the best services is Pinance. If you are worried about safety, then know that Pinance is regulated, and there are many other great features that we will explore later on.

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About Pinance

One of the most important steps when choosing an exchange is researching the firm thoroughly to be aware of everything beforehand. But if you choose an exchange without researching it, you can get stuck with a bogus platform or not advanced enough. For example, Pinance is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers customers services to trade cryptocurrencies and other assets. This crypto exchange, Pinance, is managed by Pinance OU, a company based in Estonia. To satisfy customers and assure them that Pinance is a safe crypto exchange, you should know that Pinance is also affiliated with the Financial Intelligence Unit, which means that it is regulated. This shows that if anything were ever to happen then, Pinance would be answerable to higher authorities.

Wide Variety Of Assets

Traders join the market so that they can exchange or invest in various trading assets. But none of this is possible without a trading platform, and that is where cryptocurrency exchanges come in because they help traders buy and sell cryptocurrency. Pinance also does the same thing, and it makes the whole journey easier for its customers. As of right now, you have access to two very popular cryptocurrencies, which are Bitcoin and Litecoin, and you can also buy or sell these through Pinance. The best thing is that there are no restrictions that would drive a user crazy. Instead, Pinance makes everything very easy for its customers, and one example is that you can switch to digital currencies and normal currencies without an issue. And the prices which Pinance offers are also great and not too much for the users.

The thing is that Pinance caters to its customer’s needs and makes sure that none of their goals is ever neglected and one way it does this is by choosing the rates specifically so that customers can perform better. When you buy and sell, you have to keep in mind that it is the trading market you are interacting with essentially and to make significant profits. You need suitable prices. So that is what Pinance has prioritized. Once again, it has shown that if there are traders with different needs or requirements, they will too be accommodated. For instance, there are traders occasionally who do not want to buy cryptocurrencies. Let’s say that you do not wish to purchase cryptocurrencies, but you have been using the Pinance services for so long, so what do you do next? There is a feature that Pinance has created specifically for these incidents, and it is called Over The Counter, and this is a desk where you can trade certain crypt assets from. The two most popular options are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You may question why Pinance has started this over-the-counter service? This has been created mainly because traders do not want to hold a certain cryptocurrency a lot of times as they would much rather benefit from the fluctuating prices. However, most cryptocurrency exchanges grant users a very low or volatile type of liquidity, which is not beneficial. Therefore, most traders avoid this as they do not like to wait a long time to complete the order.

This is why a strategy that many platforms or even individuals use is bulk buying many cryptocurrencies. What does this include? It is basically when people buy a lot of cryptocurrency through an exchange, affecting the price of a cryptocurrency. When you use the over-the-counter feature, you can choose to have some anonymity.

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Such An Easy Way To Sign-Up

Many people interested in trading run away from the idea because they do not like the registering process. This is often because of the brokers or exchanges who complicate the sign-up process and ask the trader many unnecessary questions or even have weird requirements. In addition, those types of trading platforms which have long sign-up forms are often disliked as it just becomes tiring to complete it. And when an exchange asks for unnecessary questions to be answered or for you to submit multiple documents, that too becomes annoying. And these are the things that usually frustrate a trader and put them off trading because the sign-up process becomes a waste of time and energy.

Most traders want to join and start trading immediately, and they do not like to waste time filling long forms, but when an exchange asks for such things, it is very frustrating. This has also been one of the major reasons for many traders leaving midway through signing up because they are not interested in wasting time doing such pointless things. Pinance is a company that understands why a trader would be disinterested in long sign-up procedures, and it also gets that these things frustrate users, which is why it has chosen the easiest registration process. The process to sign up on Pinance is very simple and easy, and it will not take a lot of your time.

All you have to do is visit the cryptocurrency exchange site, where you will find a form that is for registering. This is a single form that you need to fill, and it only requires basic information such as your name, number, country of residence, etc. However, you also need to provide certain documents that would help you clear the platform’s terms and conditions. This might not be very clear for you. Still, for security purposes, Pinance requires some documents to verify your identity and fulfill those criteria and start trading the specified documents that have to be submitted. When you open up the form, it will ask you for the basic information I mentioned above, and once you provide an email, you will get a confirmation email. When you verify your email, then you can start exchanging the cryptocurrencies you are interested in. Another important step is to choose the currency you want to trade in, and there are four options in total. These are GBP, EUR, South African Rand, and USD. Out of these options, you can choose the most convenient one. And then, all you have to do is agree to all the terms and conditions of the platform and confirm if your age is above 18.

Security System At Pinance

Many traders have security, and this concern has increased over the past few years as a result of cybercrimes increasing. In recent times frauds and scams have gotten so common, and it seems like every other person is becoming the victim of such incidents. This started to happen when digital assets became popular, and traders began to join the market in huge numbers, after which cybercriminals also got a free pass to the market. But due to the internet developing a lot and scammers getting smarter, both traders and the platforms have suffered a lot in the market.

Often, traders single themselves out and make it seem as if brokers or exchanges do not get affected by the presence of scammers and hackers, but that is not true. There have been many times when exchanges have gotten hacked, and all the money has been stolen, whether it was the customers or the company itself. But another thing you should know is that hackers are not interested in just money. They also set a target on people’s personal information. This is to use that information to commit cybercrimes or leak it into the dark web etc. All of these incidents send one message, and that is for traders to be extremely cautious on the web, especially when it is for online trading. Because I am sure you do not want to lose your funds or private information to a scammer or a hacker.

To help assure the customers that they are using a safe website, Pinance has invested a lot into its security infrastructure. And this crypto exchange is already aware that all the customers are very concerned about safety. The only way to sort it out is by providing a secure platform where users can feel comfortable. Pinance has incorporated really popular and strong security protocols on its platforms. This has helped many traders become confident that the exchange is a secure place to trade through. But by using the security protocols, Pinance has made sure that the platform is only accessible to verified users. This is a really strong form of protection as it has proven to be a really strong barrier against any third party. The second security measure which Pinance has taken is using encryption technology. You might have heard of encryption as this has become a common security measure on many applications, but it is software that helps to protect a user’s information. Finally, Pinance has made sure that none of the data entered by traders is accessible to hackers or scammers.

Another great thing about Pinance is that it is internationally regulated, making it an even more legitimate platform. When a platform is regulated, it has to adhere to certain rules and policies, such as incorporating the KYC and AML policies on its site. Now you may have heard about these policies multiple times since regulated exchanges have to use these. First, the KYC policy stands for knowing your customer, and it is great for running a background check on everyone that signs up and making sure no trader has any ill intentions. Secondly, this is the best way to eliminate scammers since they prefer hiding their actual identities. And to fulfill the KYC policy, a user has to provide documents that prove the true identity.

Then we have the AML policy, which stands for Anti Money Laundering, which helps monitor the platform in case of any illegal activity. The AML policy has helped many platforms decrease the rate of money laundering since many traders used to exploit exchanges so that they could launder some money on the side. But this cannot happen on Pinance, which is great for traders who worry about their funds and security.

Pinance also has a privacy policy. If you do not know what privacy policy means, then think of it like the platform has chosen to obtain only the information that would be required for personalizing your services, etc. But Pinance has made it clear that the trader’s personal information is not taken advantage of, and neither is it used without a user’s consent.


Pinance is the only cryptocurrency exchange that has personalized its platform and services to ensure that customers would always be satisfied. So if you are looking for an exchange that would help you in your trading career, then go for Pinance.

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