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What kinds of products can you buy with cryptocurrency?


Purchasing with cryptocurrency has many distinct advantages,
including secure transactions, anonymity, and supporting the currency of the
future. If you are new to the world of digital currency, getting your hands on
some coins of your own is easy. Consumers can purchase coins on several
cryptocurrency exchanges, accept it in exchange for goods or services or
exchange it with fiat currency at an over-the-counter trading desk.
Transactions are nearly instantaneous, so you will be able to use your
cryptocurrency in no time.


There’s a great variety of products you can now buy with
cryptocurrencies. Although most businesses that accept cryptocurrency only take
bitcoin, there are a growing number of other currencies that are also becoming
more commonly accepted. For those wondering how to use their cryptocurrency,
you’ve come across quite the helpful list.


1. Sports cars


Many car dealerships and online marketplaces allow you to buy exotic cars for
cryptocurrency. Included in this selection are many well-known exotic cars.
Among them are a 2017 Audi R8 Spyder and a 2014 Maserati GranTurismo MC
Stradale. However, the list is constantly growing.


2. Chipotle


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can now purchase from various
food vendors with cryptocurrency. Among this growing list is Chipotle. The
well-known American restaurant specializes in burritos and tacos that workers
will prepare in front of the customer. To purchase their food with bitcoin, you
will be required to use Bitrefill to purchase a gift card to the restaurant. By
using this platform, purchasers will become eligible for 3% rewards.


3. Energy drinks


Bitcoin Energy carries the official bitcoin energy drink,
made completely of all-natural ingredients. Consumers can purchase a 12 pack of
12 OZ drinks, each gluten-free, without artificial sweeteners and only 15 Net
Carbs. Be sure to order quickly; the drinks seem to sell out quickly!

4. Luxury timepieces


In light of more widespread adoption, many sellers of luxury
timepieces allow you to buy
watches with crypto. To purchase a Rolex, Jacob & Co., or Patek
Phillipe, consumers can visit a number of online retailers that may have an
option to use an escrow service for added security. The escrow feature allows
buyers to inspect the project before paying the seller to ensure their watch is
in good condition. Escrow services are optional and also require a small
additional fee.


5. Sarongs and other beachwear


Siam’s Secrets and Apparel offer several unique beachwear
products, from wraps to tie-dye, even Thai fisherman pants. To purchase
cryptocurrency, consumers can proceed to the payment options and select PayPal.
Once redirected, PayPal will allow users to complete their transactions via


6. Hammocks and swings


Users looking to level up their outdoor space might conclude
a hammock is in order. On, the well-known online retailer has
various one- and two-person hammocks, some with wood finishes and others with
quick-drying features. To purchase on Overstock, users can proceed through the
transaction like they would any other transaction. When it comes time to pay,
the platform will guide them to fill in their wallet address to complete their


Purchasing on Overstock doesn’t limit you to just hammocks;
other available products include outdoor lighting, garden accents, metal art,
unframed prints and kids playhouses.


7. An engagement ring


Maybe you’re getting ready to pop the question. If so, Reeds
Jewelers has you covered with beautiful rings. The platform will even allow
consumers to purchase something custom to their tastes. But, even more
importantly, all products are available for purchase with bitcoin.


When it comes time to check out, consumers will just have to
select the pay with bitcoin option under payment information. Those who come
into the store, requests can also be made to pay with cryptocurrency at the


8. A college degree


Several post-secondary institutions have also allowed
cryptocurrency payments for student’s tuition. Among them are New York City’s King’s
College, Lucerne University of Applied Arts in Switzerland, the
University of Cumbria in the United Kingdom and Berlin’s European School of
Management and Technology.  

Other schools, such as Lucerne, have also made it known that
they may or not be holding all of the bitcoin they receive. Instead, the school
states all the coins they receive will be liquidated regularly for fiat
currency to help mitigate against price fluctuations. The school also
determined students will be subject to an additional 1% transaction fee.  

Although this list is not exhaustive, it should give
consumers a pretty good idea of where they might want to begin spending their cryptocurrency.      

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